Monday, May 24, 2010

Just for Laughs #94

Share a caption with us.


  1. Well, I was told by Ruth, who heard it from Lillian, that Beverly was was reported to have been seen riding in Deacon Edmundsen's car with him.

    Far be it from me to pass along gossip, and heaven knows I'm not suggesting anything, but I just thought you should know, so that you can pray more intelligently for her.

  2. Ginger, I just have to tell you about this new Christian novel by Frank Paralysis! It's about vampires who visit a shack where the Trinity is living disguised as a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. They can only get to it by going through a wardrobe owned by Oprah Winfrey. Is it fiction?...I'm not sure, but it is endorsed by Rob Bell and Ron Howard!

  3. Stranger and Eddie,

    Superb! I loved these. All too close to reality but funny as can be...


  4. Ernstine, did you hear than the Emergents have modernized the TULIP for the 21st century? Yes, now it stands for

    Total man-centeredness
    Unilimited goodies given to man
    Loop holes in case you mess up
    Inclusive ideas...even newage ones
    Pardons for everyone...even people of other faiths

    Isn't it great! Where would we be without Brian McLaren and Rob Bell?

  5. Truthinator...that's great acronymin'...give me permission to Photoshop that as a Calvinistic Cartoons entry and I'll give you credit for the genius.
    If you'd rather not, zokay too.

  6. I can give you credit as "Truthinator" or as your real name.

  7. Do it, Eddie. No credit is needed however. Also, improve the caption any way you see fit. Thanks.

  8. Thanks. But, being a Calvinist, I always give credit where credit is due!

  9. Now Julie, you know I am not one to repeat gossip... so listen carefully the first time!

  10. "T.V. Moore, Mom, not Beth Moore. It's called 'The Prophets of the Restoration.'

  11. Oh, Betty, this imprecatory psalm is marvelous...why it has inspired me to throw away all those Chick publications--no, to burn them just like in the book of Acts!

  12. After years of living in rebellion Helen finally received her effectual call.

  13. "You don't say.."

    "He didn't did he..."

    "Why, Lands of Goshen, that is too sad..."

    "Oh sure...I'll keep this quiet and under prayerful consideration...I'll just put it in the prayer concerns list..."

  14. You know, I read in Legalism for the Elect Magazine that a proper woman does her hair and makeup every day. Even if she's staying in with a good book, like The Firm Firmament of Relativism.

    Yes, that's right, jewelery should be warn too.

    Oh Yes, that's right, it's the modern day version of keeping your lamps ready and being alert for the bridegroom. I wouldn't want to die with the sin of unwashed hair, would you?


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