Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just for Laughs #97

This situation needs some glazed captions!


  1. "I think I'll have one more of these cupcakes. Playing death metal on a ukelele can really take it out of you. You don't happen to have any Red Bull to wash these down with, do you?"

  2. "Gee, Mrs. Cleaver, these cupcakes are so good, I'd better take three or four for Lumpy. This is such a swell party and he's really upset he couldn't make it."

    "You're welcome, Eddie."

    "Hey, Wally, where's that little twerp... I mean, brother of yours? I thought Theodore might want to sing along with these gospel choruses I've been playing."

    "Yeah, right, Eddie. Since when did you ever know anything about the gospel?"

    "Since I started watching all those Ergun Caner videos. They've really set me on the straight path away from those wacky Calvinists."

    June and Ward scowl a bit on this, both being members of First Presbyterian Church.

  3. A young Ricky Riccardo crashes a party at the McGillicuddy home, first, to get some free publicity, and second, to get some free food.

  4. The irony: the nutritional value of the party food was of similar value of the Youth Pastors teaching!

  5. Tiny Tim loved to host the youth group on Saturday nights.


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