Saturday, May 1, 2010

Arminian Antics #3

A Calvinist informed me that the Arminian copy is almost like the real thing. Is that a profound statement or what?!


  1. That fink Finney doesn't have an original sin, er, bone in his body.

    WWRWD is at least better than WWNTWD.

  2. Hambone says he hasn't sinned in seven years but he gossiped about his brother Eddie. Guess he gets to start over!

  3. @ Andy - funny statement about Benny Finney. I have to confess my stupidity (I am so dumb I couldn't pass a blood test. They had to burn down the school so I could get out of third grade!) What does the NTW stand for in WWNTWD?

    @ SamWise - That's the catch 22 of Perfectionism. I know a pastor who believes it is entirely possible, but I guess not for himself. A lot of sin is like having your brights on while driving - others see it before you do!

    @ John - Thanks! I appreciate it!


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