Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Church of Acts


  1. I wonder if their door prizes are better than the free toaster from Calvinistic Cartoons?

    Nah! Couldn't happen.

  2. Oh! I love my toaster by the way.

  3. Hey Ellery.
    How'd you git a toaster?
    I wanted a toaster. I never got a toaster. Wazzup with that?

  4. The offer is no longer available because of financial reasons...and, of course, the Iceland volcano.

  5. This one rings too true to be funny. I have seen way too much of this stuff actually happen. I keep looking up for fear of fire coming from Heaven...

    I got cold chills when I read this one. It reminds me of the need for churches today to read the letters in Revelation...

  6. There are letters in Revelation?

    I thought everybody else just got zapped by some dudes on horses after we got a caught up in the experience!

    What kind of dude are you going on about anything other than great circuses and pop-corn to boot!

    Peace Out!


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