Monday, May 17, 2010

State Your Case

Arminian? Calvinist?
What's the difference?


  1. Arminian emphasis: Man's will.

    Calvinist emphasis: God's will.

  2. Arminian:

    God is not quite as holy and just as as we think.

    Man is not quite as sinful and depraved as we think.


    God is infinitely more holy and just than I ever could have imagined.

    Man is more sinful and depraved than I ever would have thought.

  3. Arminians are much snazzier dressers...

  4. I would love to see a Youtube video of this.

  5. Calvinist: Interpret the Bible based on the TULIP.

    Arminian: Interpret the Bible using the Bible.

  6. To The Seeking...

    I think you mean to say that Arminians interpret the Bible based upon the FLESH...(man's ability, free will, decisionism, relationship gospel, warm fuzzy stuff, seeding the invitation by planting some people in the crowd to walk down first, Rick Warren, prosperity...)

  7. Thanks, Seeking Disciple for the Arminian perspective. I sometimes forget how I used to think when I was an Arminian. A little tension never hurt any docrinal position. In fact, it does a body good. I am glad you are a follower of this blog, where things must get a little uncomfortable for you occasionally. But, this IS Calvinistic Cartoons and not Arminian Antics, so you always know what to expect. But, I use humor to throw down the gauntlet to Calvinists as well.

  8. Yeah, Henry, that is a good idea. I'm certainly not the guy to put this on YouTube so maybe it will give someone an idea...just remember you saw it here first.

  9. I think I can understand where The Seeking Disciple may be coming from.

    Besides the fact that a lot of respected Bible teachers and pastors teach that we "shoe-horn" the Bible to squeeze it into our pre-conceived doctrines, there are some "hard-charging" young Calvinists out there who are not yet solidly grounded in the Reformed Faith. The Seeking Disciple, in a post from his own blog may be describing such a "Calvinist" who he says is now a "shell of the man he once was. No passion. No zeal. No desire for holiness."

    Seeking Disciple, take a quick look at a post of mine from last year titled . The Theologian. (Sorry that the page that I linked to there is now expired, but I give a clear synopsis in my post.)

    Hope to hear more from you.

    In Christ's care,

    Craig Boyd

  10. I like what Eddie said... The humor cuts both ways.

    Calvinists are required to be Biblicists first and foremost. That is what really matters. Calvin was simply explaining what he understood about the Bible.

  11. To lighten this back up . . . All Calvinist's can't be real Calvinist's until they have a Mac.

    YES!! I'm In! I'm In!

    PC's Suck and so do . . . err . . uh, nevermind.


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