Monday, May 3, 2010

Rick Warren Movie in Works


  1. Avatar or Reincarnation...Urr I mean sequel!

  2. Looks like someone's already requesting foreign royalties on the movie.

  3. The movie's theme song has already been written, sung to the tune of Yogi Bear's theme song:

    Pastor Warren’s clever and a real smooth man,
    Always in a forum pushin’ his P.E.A.C.E plan
    Find a catholic bishop, Warren’s shook his hand
    Denying the five solas “because they’re just too bland.”

    He will preach till noon but won’t mention sin,
    Just say, “Jesus I receive you,” and he’ll welcome you in.

    Rick Warren’s got it better than old Barney Fife
    ‘cause Busey’s playin’ Rick in “Purpose Driven Life”

  4. Another hit soundtrack! (I had actually forgotten the Yogi Bear theme song and had to find it on YouTube - memory restored)

  5. Relevent Rick will introduce a new man-centered endeavor in the movie called F.L.E.E.C.E. plan.

    RW will also be appointed world spiritual czar during the last half of Obama's presidency that will become known as the great tribulation...

  6. "F.L.E.E.C.E. Plan" that's genius!

    LOLTAPOPGSIMTAICFTS (laughing out loud then a piece of popcorn gets stuck in my throat and I choke for ten seconds)


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