Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Calvinistic Square Dances

My very fave on this vinyl disk is "The Calvinist Promenade"


  1. I always liked the old classic "Better Mosey Over T' Church Fer T' Baptize Them Young'ens o' Yorn."

  2. These are obviously not Baptists...unless they are backsliders...

    (because they are dancing)

  3. Another toe-tapper is the "Geneva Reel."

  4. Some enjoyable Calvinistic Square Calls

    "Swing the Factions" to cast out Arminian troublemakers

    "Shakedown" to pass the plate during an Arminian Revival

    "Reverse, Cross, and Turn" Arminian repentance lingo

    "Phantom Formation" A group of Finneyan foot soldiers for the Lord

    "Make Magic" Benny Hinn variety healings (see "Shakedown")

    "Cross your Neighbor" What Cathlimergents do every Mass

    "Cross Chain Thru" Following a Thompson Chain Reference

    "Checkover" Youth Ministries coed inspection routine


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