Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guess Who #8

Clue: The night is hidden in his name


  1. Hmmmmm..."The night is hidden in his name."

    Okay, let's see what kind of detective Sherlock Stranger is.

    The night is hidden when the sun comes up, and it is day. Sun + day.

    Billy Sunday?

  2. No sir, 'tis not Sunday, even though it is Sunday (on the calendar).
    I like the way you twisted the clue around though. Which goes to prove, a false premise will result in a false solution.
    There is another direction the clue is going.
    Keep up the analytical thinking and keep on guessing.

  3. I have to add...even though, you were wrong, your guess has been the best guess so far.

    One more clue:
    Another man, with the same name, had an older sister who was in a red river while she wore a yellow ribbon.

  4. That would be Peter Marshall who served as Chaplain of the United States Senate. A movie was made about him in 1955 titled, A Man Called Peter.

    I got the second clue, but not the first.

  5. I got the second clue thanks to Google, but I'm still not getting the first clue...

  6. Peter Marshall is correct!
    The answer to the first clue is in his initials. (P.M.)

  7. I just don't get it. That kind of logic always worked for Sherlock Holmes.

  8. Peter Marshall! I loved him on Hollywood Squares.

  9. Great clue, Eddie. Now I see why Stranger's Sherlock Homes logic didn't work. Your clue was an August Dupin "hide-it-in-plain-sight" clue.


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