Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eddie Wins Heisman Trophy

This prestigious trophy is usually awarded in early December to the outstanding player in collegiate football. Imagine my surprise when I was invited to a special banquet where they announced my name! Especially since I have never played football in my life! This "special edition" was given to me by the president of Cotton Adams Quip-Lash Neck Braces, "Junkyard" Cribbits, and Space Sports Museum of America president, "Hockypuck" McGraw. Both are readers of Calvinistic Cartoons although both have vowed never to join as a follower. I also received a check in the amount of $24.77 to be used to buy heartburn tablets.  I want to thank my fellow bloggers and, of course, all the loyal readers who bless me with their fequent visits to Calvinistic Cartoons. God bless you everyone! You're beautiful!


  1. Too bad the shadows don't work for the helmet dude!

    Peace Out Kip!

  2. I have stood corrected on many memorable occasions.

    Btw, Is the figure in the trophy "straight-arming" an opponent, or just saying, "Hi, Mom"?

  3. Wow, the Heisman. That's impressive. I won a spelling bee once.

  4. Congrats, hope the left hand heals up quickly!


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