Saturday, March 27, 2010

Corky Lost

After ejecting from an Army jet over Nevada, Corky finds himself on an old abandoned highway. Corky lost his GPS in the fall and plans on hitch hiking his way to Las Vegas. In his text message, he stated that he was informed, by an albino librarian, of a plot to bump him off in the near future. Be careful, Corky Velveeta! It's a dangerous world out there!


  1. On the Road Theme Music for Corky Velveeta. "Corky Lost" episode sung to the tune of Green Acres.

    Velveeta is our mascot’s name
    Grace livin’ is his road to fame
    Promoting Calvinistic Cartoons
    “Eddie, I’ll be there! I hope I will see you soon!”

    Las Vegas is where he wants to be
    But he’s lost without a map you see
    He’ll hitch hike till his thumb turns blue
    “Eddie, I’ll get there even with only one shoe!”

    Duh duh da duh duh… I’ve heard!
    Duh duh da duh duh… God’s Word!
    Duh duh da duh duh… Embrace!
    Duh duh da duh duh… God’s Grace!

    Promoting the blog!
    In fresh air or smog!
    Calvinistic Cartoons rock!

    [word verification for posting this comment is kisor]

  2. Just needed to post this because I've finally got a word verification that is worth posting...

    this post's word verification is


    Using this word in a sentence:

    He don't do chili, he due stu!

  3. To the tune of "You Make Me Feel So Young"

    You make this blog light up in space
    You really know how to write a song
    Every time I see you here
    I'm such a happy individual

    The moment that you post
    You have a blog that is the most
    But still you add on bits of fun
    to my Calvinistic Cartoons

    You and I, we are just a couple of saints
    Teachin' and preachin' the Gospel
    Hopin' that our readers will never faint. (couldn't think of anything else)

    Yeah, even when I'm old and gray
    I'm gonna feel like I do today
    'cause you make this blog so,
    you make this blog so,
    you make this blog so nice

    (Duke Ellington piano ending)

  4. Good one. That looks like some places that I've been in West Texas. In fact, just down the road from where I live now.


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