Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blogger's Spotlight

Take a little "blog-cation"
and visit these hard working blogs.
They would love comments,
followers and encouragement!

Thank You for taking the time to do this and share your blog, Calvinistic Cartoons is a daily read for me.
My desire is to emit God’s word… from the bible… purely Calvinistic… from godly men who can say it much better than I can.

Stuff Calvinist Like is a blog devoted to all the wonderful things Calvinists like. Some serious, some funny, all are in the spirit of reaching out to all that find us and giving them a dose of Calvinist culture and theology.

"Emerging Fables in the Light of Truth"
Emergent Village Tares need a little Post-Emergence applied!

Preaching Christ crucified; teaching the doctrines of grace;
standing upon the Word of God!

"This blog is an expression of my ideas and opinions that derive from my conservative, fundamentalist, Christian world-view. It is intentionally provocative, probably annoying, and often wrapped in satirical and sometimes sarcastic wit."
Ralph M. Petersen, Always Right; Sometimes Wrong.

The purpose of Against the Current is to encourage believers to walk with Christ no matter what the cost. In many ways my story is similar to Christians worldwide - experiencing the joys of serving Jesus Christ, encountering opposition from Christians to the obedience of God's call, wrestling with Scripture wanting to understand it and apply it, or even being lonely in church for lack of true fellowship, undergoing spiritual warfare, sorrowfully witnessing unbelievers rejecting Christ. But whether I am experiencing ease or difficulty, I strive to daily take up my cross and follow Christ, and in doing so I am going against the current. Using my Christian walk as an example, though I clearly do not "have it all figured out", I seek to encourage Christians to keep their focus on Jesus Christ and live for His glory.    - Committed Christian



  1. Great resources Eddy. Thanks. How do I get my blog on that list?

  2. Eddy,

    That's a lot of good blogs to look at...and thanks for putting mine on the list.

  3. Thank you for doing this, Eddie. Some of these are familiar to me. Others, I haven't seen before.

    My blog gained another "follower" today, and I've joined a couple, myself.


  4. A quintet of psalmnodists that are predestined to sing when they're not in the psalter: "O, it ain't no use if you ain't got the boost; the boost you get from Eddings!

    Announcer, Don Pardo: "Calvinistic Cartoons! The all-weather theology!"

  5. Thanks everyone who participated in this blog spotlight. This took more time than I thought. I had to juggle photos that wanted to place themselves somewhere else, or not obey my commands to center themselves. My computer is slower than it should be and that didn't help any either.
    So to answer Andy - I'll probably do this again sometime in the future (always better to do these things in the future since the past is already taken). I posted announcements that blog pages would be posted here weeks ago. Sometimes it pays to go through the archieves.
    Lord willing, I will do this sort of thing every year or so. My situation is different. Most bloggers have a list (as I do also) of other blogs they like. Since I have arrived in Kuwait, certain capabilities I have lost, like being able to post new blogs on my blog lists. I am able to delete them but, not add new ones.(I have no explanation for this - just stating facts) So this is a way to honor those who have honored me...and for that I am thankful.

  6. I'm looking forward to visiting some new blogs. Thanks for posting these.

  7. Gosh, what an honor - to be shown in proximity to bloggers who can actually wrote coherent sentences!

  8. Thank you for doing this, my friend.

    I believe you've just increased my fan base from three faithful readers to four!

    Oops, spoke too soon... back to three again (my wife just unsubscribed... she'll be back though. She's a Calvinist so she's predestined to persevere).

    Blessings to Eddie, to all whose blogs were listed, and to all whose blogs weren't listed.

    Ever in Christ, at the cross and in His Word, by His grace,

    jon cardwell
    "the all-weather sinner saved by grace" [thank you, Don Pardo]


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