Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hit and Run

There are three kinds of hit-and-run commenters I know of...
One spams his agenda. Ever so often, I have to delete these Chinese comments that are just a link to some x-rated site. Or they just want to advertise their web site. They comment once, never to be seen again.
The second kind, likes to jam a complaint, or state their theological position. That's more than fine with me but, when you respond to their comment, or ask a question, they never answer. So they hit and never return.
The third kind, seldom, if ever, comments. They just enjoy reading what others have to say. When they do comment, it is usually a home run. They are as encouraging as a new friend stopping by and having a cup of coffee.
Here is your chance to step up to the plate. If you have never commented before...or maybe just left a note or two...make yourself known! Just a few words will be like a candle that lights up a old school house that has been exposed to radiation. Just a word or two can give strength to an old soldier who has come home to find his chevy stolen and his garbage can missing. Just one word can lift the spirit of a man who has wasted a lot of time today trying to fix a broken scanner. I know you are out there. And even if you choose not to type a single letter, I am glad you came. Make yourself at home. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.


  1. Hey Brother Eddie,

    Jesus is coming back very soon and the only comment you, me or Brother Gregg will care to hear is "Well done, thy good and faithful servant"


    BTW, I think your space helmet profile photo scared me a little and cause me not to comment on your blog for fear that you were an outer space alien and would try to abduct me!

  2. Well ... Since you asked. I frequent the site and I don't think I have ever commented. I don't have much to say. I really like the 1950's style comics. Especially enjoy the one with Paul starting off with a joke in Solomon's Portico. Then of course all the Joel Osteen junk, that's great material too.

  3. Just stopping by to say, "hello"

  4. I follow on bloglines, often clicking through to start to write a comment, but then I wind up closing out because I just don't have the quick wit that everybody else seems to have around here - at least not on the same scale.

    But a reader, and not counted among the blogger "followers" because I don't use that feature. So there are a handful of us that read you from afar... :)

    Dunno 'bout the car, but I know where the trashcan be replaced, and cheap.

  5. I hope you have a blessed Holy Week!

  6. Hi Eddie, I want to say how much I enjoy your blog - love your humour. Keep spreading smiles around.
    Amrita from India

  7. New Eddie Eddings Theme Music...

    Eddings… Eddie Eddings,
    He’s the Calvinistic Cartoons man!
    From a grace, reformed view;
    His humor is a huge grand slam.

    Let’s read one more Corky episode,
    That way Romans 9 will not explode.

    When you— read the Cartoons,
    It’s God’s sovereign and elect time,
    A predestined and ordained time,
    We’ll have a bless-ed time!

    Eddings… Eddie Eddings,
    He’s the Calvinistic Cartoons guy!
    Just for Laughs with captions,
    Don’t be afraid to lend a try.

    Someday, Eddie’s blog will be on top
    ‘Cause he can really photo shop!

    When you— read the Cartoons,
    It’s God’s sovereign and elect time,
    A predestined and ordained time,
    We’ll have a bless-ed time!


  8. Thanks everybody!! You just made my year!

    @ THE OLD GEEZER...Eternal Truth is always the BEST kind. May God bless your ministry among the saints (cyber and otherwise). And ironically, I am not a permanent resident here in Kuwait, so I become an illegal "alien" every three months.

    @ BWayneM - Thanks for writing! I love the old comic covers too - you will see lots more of those. I always am glad to hear what readers consider their "favorites". It helps me know where to focus (and that is hard for me to do at my age)

    @ notofthisworld - your "Hello" was appreciated. I think angels in Heaven greet each other with "Halo" so that's a great start! Your comments are ALWAYS welcome here.

    @ Barbara - thanks for the much needed info. I am over a month ahead of myself and I can tell you April holds a lot of surprises.

    @ Kay - You have a blessed week also sister! Keep bloggin'

    @ Amrita - thanks for the encouragement all the way from India!

    @ justificationbygrace - love the song man! I am honored. Now I need to be humbled...wait a minute...okay, now i am humbled. (You can tell by the lower case "i" in that last sentence.
    Did you know that the English language is the only language that uses a capital "I" when referring to first person singular? ...okay, i'm starting to ramble now...

  9. No, Brother Eddie,

    you weren't rambling... i was rambling with the theme song, me thinketh; especially since i took off my shoes just before i looked opened to this particular cartoon. It made me want yaba dabba do in ye ole flint mobile with Fred and Barney.

    & you are indeed a humble man, Mr. Eddings. i almost wrote, "We'll have a bless-Ed time!" for the last line of your theme song, but i believe God's providential hand stayed me from puffing you up. Thanks be to God that all's well in Bedrock.

  10. Hey, I'm "new" here, but I've been eating up the archives. Great stuff. Love the sense of humor.

  11. I very much enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. It's quite appropriate as I live in Grand Rapids, MI, home of Calvin College, the denominational headquarters of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, and home to Baker, Zondervan and Eerdmans publishing houses.

  12. Kevin, may your tribe increase! I honestly think some of the best stuff is hidden somewhere in the archives. Thanks for diggin' in!

  13. Kristen, I am glad you enjoy my sense of's the only one I've got! Stay tuned in, and comment when you can!

  14. Two things: it's too difficult to leave comments on this site, and you don't offer email subscription to your posts.
    too difficult cos you have to actually click on a link to get to the comment page. i like it when a site's comment box is right there ready to be filled. and what if i wasn't logged in? dunno how long it will take then.

    personal preference though ;-)

  15. well, like i said, mr. eddings, it's a personal preference. not a sovereign rule ;-)

    do you make use of feedburner? not sure now. i subscribe via some service that sends your posts to my email inbox, but if you use feedburner, you could always offer the service from feedburner, and place the subscription box on your blog page.

  16. I can't say it sounds like Greek to me because I took Greek in I'll just say it all sounds like Vulcan to me. I have added a subscription dealy at the top right of my blog though. I hadn't a clue I needed one until you wrote. Thanks for helping make this a better blog than it used to be.

  17. ok, offers you a very cool service, at no cost! you set up a feedburner account (which you should be able to very easily access through your google account, since it now belongs to them).

    what the service does is give you a way to offer your feed in one simple format, whether using atom or RSS. you also get stats on your feeds, etc.

    the beauty for me is that they offer email subscription to your feeds. i don't like feed readers. prefer just getting the stuff in my inbox along with my email. this is one of the things they offer.

    dunno, check it out. maybe you like it, maybe you don't.

    love your stuff eddie! don't stop posting!

  18. I am subscribing to you by Blog Lines, its the easiet.

    I like the Greek and Vulcan cartoons too

  19. Like some others, I've enjoyed the efforts here for some time, I'm just not the commenting kind of guy. I used to love to argue online, etc. but it just gets old and accomplishes nothing. Besides, I find nothing here to disagree with (well, mostly). Keep up the good work, brother.

  20. Here it is-- three years later and I am just catching up on Eddie's Calvinistic Cartoons.
    Today I preached about election, adoption, and the perseverance of the saints-- and you know how many were at the service to hear the sermon?
    Answer: As many as God had ordained to be there!

    Love the blog Eddie-- hope to meet you someday,

    Pastor Dave


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