Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just for Laughs #85

Supply a caption that will bring a tidal wave of laughter.
Or maybe just a splash of humor.
It's up to you, really.


  1. My dear, How's your reading of Watson's "The Art of Divine Contentment" coming?

  2. "Look honey, I found another contradiction in R.C. Sproul's arguments for Calvinism."

  3. Thanks for the laugh, Seeking Disciple!

    I would like to play off yours, if I may...

    "Look honey, I found snother contradiction in R.C. Sproul's arguments for Calvinism!"
    "Sweetie, you're reading Watership Down."

  4. That book she's holding looks exactly like a book I have- a book of John MacArthur's sermons. Coincidence? I think not!

  5. "It says here that in the Guyana aftermath, they only found two books in the Jonestown library: Volume 2 of Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology lying next to Benny Hinn's Good Morning, Holy Spirit."

    "Ah, that explains all the confusion and mass hysteria."

  6. I'll apologize now for anyone who considers my last comment dark or in poor taste.

    Death, anyone's death, especially brought on by such deception is a sad tragedy.

    Yet, theological confusion leads thousands, maybe more, to death every day.

  7. Francine was not pleased with Bart's gift: the Lakewood revision of Jeremy Taylor's classics Holy Living and Holy Dying.

  8. "And this is my understanding of 1 Timothy 2:20 that allows me, a woman, to wear the hat of a navel officer and command this boat"

  9. She says - So, I'm starting this book by Joshua Harris called "Not Even A Hint." Pretty good so far. I like where he's (not) going with this.

    He says to himself - Oh, $&*#! I was just about to ask her out!!!


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