Monday, March 8, 2010

To the Moon

This was always a part of our plan. Now we can offer actual acreage on the moon to loyal followers of this blog. The pilot of the blimp that took Corky Velveeta here, knew a shortcut, so they arrived in less than eight days. After this photo was taken, the passengers, which included Josiah Freep, the first Calvinist to swim the Suez Canal handcuffed to a monkey, had the very first picnic on the moon. KFC provided the food and Taco Bell paid me just to mention them in this write up. Corky texted me and said the moon rocks and the chunk of kryptonite he picked up will help finance many journeys to come. Look for our ad on ebay in the near future!  


  1. Waldo passed away last week. He had a heart attack and was found by a crowd of one thousand and three.


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