Thursday, March 25, 2010

Corky Theme Song Contest

It doesn't have to be a TV theme song.
Any ol' ditty will do.


  1. Come and pull out the cork.
    He's been waiting for you.
    Romans 9: it is hers and hers and his.
    Corky Romano's too.

    Come and travel the world.
    Take a step that is new.
    Where the doctrines of grace are given place.
    Corky Romano too.

    (from Three's Company theme.)

  2. You have a gift my friend. Just keep it in a locked safe somewhere where no one will steal it.
    This Corky Romano...are you referring to the loser son of a Mafia honcho in the Chris Kattan movie? (I didn't see it I just Googled Corky Romano)...
    ('cause it works with Corky Velveeta too)

  3. Let me tell you ‘bout a story ‘bout a Calvinist
    Corky’s on a mission and it goes like this:
    He suited up promoting the Calvinistic Cartoon blog
    Globetrotting to Antarctica, Egypt, maybe even Prague.

    His exploits took him one time on the Goodyear Blimp
    He ate a Happy Meal ‘cause they were out of shrimp;
    When flying over Memphis with Romans Nine delight,
    And thanking Ed Young’s butler for paying for his flight.

    One time he was missing but God knew where he was
    Disappearing from Mount Rushmore and the news was all the buzz.
    Turns out he had traveled back in time to visit Lincoln
    Then frolicked with a humpback; Boy! What was Corky thinkin’?

    Whether making Nashville records or exploring the Titanic
    Predestination has him, that Velveeta is fantastic;
    There’s no telling when or where or when he’ll show up next,
    In Romans 9 regalia with those thousand dollar checks.

    (to the TV theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies)

  4. Welllll doggies...that waz a good'un.

  5. "Come Fly With me" by Sinatra. Also works as a back up tune in case of rapture ;-)

  6. You have officially infiltrated the pop-culture sphere of my brain. Congratulations. Getting my Corkys mixed up, and I've never even seen Corky Romano. Wow!

  7. Billy was pretty close... Velveeta or Romano are both deliciously cheesy last names.

    Frankly, I prefer both sliced Velveeta and grated Romano on my grilled cheese sandwiches. On a cold day, a nice bowl of tomato soup would also be nice.

    I'm not too keen on having a Corky Velveeta or Corky Romano sandwich, however. Yet, I might try a Corky Velveeta and Corky Romano quesadilla with some Corky Avacados so I could make some Corky Guacamole. With some hot sauce that ought to be Romans 9 hot, I tell ya.

    [my verification word for posting this comment is salies]

  8. Just - you just make me want some Mexican food!

    [I have no verification word for making this comment...but if I did, it would probably be Texas]


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