Friday, March 26, 2010

Praising Mantis


  1. I think this is a Liturgical Dancing Mantis. Yes, I'm quite sure of it.

  2. I thought it was intrepretive sign language???

  3. Ypu should see him dance to "Bullfrogs and Butterflies"!

  4. Andy, Ypu Chandrashekhar just texted me and said he DID see the mantis dance to Bullfrogs and Butterflies. He said every time the word "Bullfrog" was sung, the mantis demanded to have his lawyer present.

  5. It's alway better to NOT type in the dark.

  6. You are so right. I remember...Hey! Wjo tyrhed ute yhe lifhts??

  7. You should see the comments I have typed without having put on my glasses. Now that I think about it, maybe you have.

  8. Pressured to step down as director of psalmnody at Grass Reformed Presbyterian Church in Petunia Falls, New Mexico, Johnny Mantis, was quickly invited to be the featured praise and worship artist at Bill Gaither’s 2010 Coming Home Family Extravaganza. Mantis will perform old timey favorites such as...

    Mantis Over a Hilltop
    Bee Thou My Vision
    Sweet Hour of Praying Mantis
    In the Garden

    [& just so you know, my word verification for posting this comment is sphyma]

  9. @ stranger - Yes, I believe we all have. You once sent a letter you had written to me to the Sacred Sandwich by mistake...when I got it, a few days later, it had mustard all over it!

    @ just - I would like to get your permission to use this on a Photoshopped Album Cover (you will get credit on the album as well)
    I can't pay you until we both get to Heaven. Is that okay with you?

  10. Brother Eddie,

    Anything i post on your blog is yours, yours, yours, with carte blanche permission for any words i've posted on CC blog. As you can see from the lower case 'i' i'm humbled indeed.

    i'm just delighted to be a part of God's providential grace in this little space of the world we all call, "Calvinistic Cartoons."

    As you know, typically, i run in the read em and rarely post category; but my fingers are having a rare time of limberality.

    [the word verification for posting this comment is housh]

    using housh in a sentence...

    Those who were not fully reformed or had fully recovered from the speech/linguistics/impediments academy must spend six months in a halfway housh before going all the way home.

  11. @Eddie

    Don't blame Angus for the mustard, that was my fault. I'd better explain:

    I was at an Angels vs Rangers game and thinking, "I bet Eddie would like to be here enjoying the game." So, I figured the next best thing was to buy a ball-park hot dog and mail it to you in an envelope along with the score card that I had kept. That way, you would sort of get the flavor of actually being there at the stadium. never got the hot dog??


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