Monday, March 1, 2010

A Goodyear for Corky

To ride the Goodyear blimp will be a great thrill for Corky. We have arranged 10,000 leaflets to be thrown from the blimp as it hovers over parts of Tennessee. A Calvinistic Cartoons banner will also grace the sky as it scrapes the top of some of the homes in Memphis. Corky will also have a fabulous surprise in store. We have paid the pilot, Captain Abu Mesa, to drop Corky off at an undisclosed location. This location is a place Corky Velveeta has always dreamed of going, and now because of his faithful service, and the contributions from Ed Young's butler, we have the means to fulfill his dream. It will take a little longer in this aircraft, but the Happy Meals served on board will make it all worth while. We should hear from him on March 8th. See ya then!


  1. I know you can't disclose the location, but I'm guessing it is some place where my favorite Calvinistic circuit rider, Cotton Adams, preached. I would love to go on a trek tracing the journey of that great man of God.

  2. My guess is that Corky is going to Graceland.

  3. Could Ed Young's Maid help me with my trips?

    I won't eat many "Happy Meals!"


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