Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fan Photo from Papa J. Feeny

Thanks for the magazine P.J., I wrote one of the stories and they didn't even send me a copy!


  1. Little known fact: "The Case of the Insecure Arminian" was the original title of Dave Hunt's book, "What Love Is This?", but since I had already copyrighted it, he couldn't use it.

  2. Also another little known fact: "Who is Killing Calvinists" was the original title of Bruce Wilkinson's little book, "The Prayer of Jabez".

  3. Angus, it would be fabulous if you posted some of your short story on your site. You could use the cover and desaturate it to look even older than it is! I have a very new fifty dollar bill that wants to encourage you to publish...(that's all though, just encourage...I need it for an oil change and a twinkie)


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