Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lookalike Contest Winner

Announcing the winner of Calvinistic Cartoons'
"Eddie Eddings Lookalike" Contest!
Full-time Calvinist, Vernon T. Moison, of Kidneybean, Illinois, has won two subscriptions to the new magazine for 5-Pointers, "High Five Jive". Watch for your two copies to start arriving this week!


  1. That is incredible. The resemblence is uncanny. He has two eyes; you have two eyes. He has facial hair; you have facial hair. He's white; you're white. But then, you know what they say, "they all look alike to me."

    You two must be related. Are you identical twins?

  2. Shouldn't he be holding a tulip?

  3. Good point (Calvinists always have good points)...he is now holding a very rare red tulip with a rose stem found only in the Geneva Botanical Gardens near the Holland tunnel.

  4. Actually, I thought this was more like it.



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