Thursday, February 19, 2009

Create a Calvinistic Cartoon Caption #10

Here is another photo "ledge-end". The winner will be announced on February 25th


  1. "Sweety, come back inside and drink your Kool-Aid. You have always loved my Arminian Apple."

    "Mother, I am a grown man now! I have been reading my Bile and I am a Calvinist! I can't listen to your lies anymore."

    "Well if thou be a Calvinist cast thy self down from hence! Because your not coming back in! Lets see if His angels have charge over thee!"

  2. No mother I was never predestined to wear that sailor suit! That is but another error of your remonstrant views! And I won't come back in until you acknowledge your lack of biblical evidence.

  3. "Remember, dearie, you shall mount up with wings as eagles. Believe it, flap your arms, and jump!"

    (The graduating ceremony of the "On a Wing and a Prayer" flight school.)


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