Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Known Quotes from Spiritual Giants part 5

"Jack the Ripper? No constable, I have never heard of him." - C. H. Spurgeon

"Yes, I had that tattoo removed months ago!"- John Owen

"I've been thinking about writing a Christian mystery novel." - John Calvin

"I need a stamp."- Cornelius Van Til

"Is that pudding on my jacket?"- A. A. Hodge

"I can't babysit tonight. I really need the time to finish my book."- Augustine

"That is the best gravy I have ever tasted!"- B. B. Warfield

"Yes, I plan on writing some scripts for the Lone Ranger. Why?" - C. S. Lewis

"Y'know the Boston Baked Beans candy? That was my idea first." - Thomas Boston

"I really love good music! Listen to this, it's by Slim Whitman."- R. C. Sproul

"Kill that spider! I hate spiders! Kill it!"- William Carey

"No, I won't paint this church house pink!"- A. W. Pink

"Look! I have just invented Pope on a Rope Soap! haha"- Martin Luther

"...and barber, please cut the hair growing on my ears."- Jonathan Edwards

"No, I wasn't looking at you...I was looking at him. It's my eyes y'know." - George Whitefield

"How many people here know my birthday falls on the same day as Spurgeons?"- John MacArthur


  1. These are too funny!

    I'm glad I share my dislike of spiders with someone like William Carey.

    BTW, what was John Owen's tattoo? A tulip?

  2. Historians have recently discoverd a letter from Owen which made mention of the tattoo on the day after he had it done. It read, "Oxfordshire Forever" in a banner with a quill pen behind it.
    Don't ask me why...I just report the facts.

  3. Where do you get this stuff??

    (snort) :)


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