Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eddie's Advice Column #2

Dear Eddie,
In your "Restaurant" post you mentioned "vomit". That is just too disgusting for a Christian blog. What's wrong with you? Do you think that's funny or something? Aren't you supposed to be an example to our youth and the people who work in finance? You make me sick with your moronic humor. Even if the Bible mentions "vomit" I don't think YOU should bring it up! I didn't mean that last statement as a pun...I just couldn't contain myself. You spew this kind of mess and expect ME to become a follower? I wouldn't follow you if you were going to Jack in the Box for a free spicy chicken sandwich and a coke!
Myrtle Floy-Floy

Dear Myrtle,
Why the dramamine? I can't please everyone y'know! I throw up my hands! ...and you know how painful THAT can be. My advice to you is to cut down on the caffeine and relax a little. Then eat an entire box of Ho-Ho's and a bowl of spinach. Jog in place for fifteen minutes...who knows what will come up after that.


  1. This post makes me feel like I'm gonna ralph.


  2. This reminds me of the story about John Newton who was talking to his friend Charles Plimpton and said, "I'm not making this up, Chuck: Amazing grace saved a retch like me."

  3. Back in the days when Prince Charles and Diana were still married and expecting their first child, I was hoping they would name their baby, Up.

    That way the world could just affectionately refer to the royal family as Up, Chuck, and Di.


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