Friday, February 13, 2009

Letter Selected at Random

Dear Sir,
Are you the same Eddie Eddings who was a Gold Medal track winner in the 1976 Olympics that was held in Montreal, Canada and the gentleman who annonymously helped with the notes in the ESV Bible? Are you the same Eddie Eddings who helped the C.I.A. break several codes and the E. Eddings whom Spurgeon's descendants said, "It's like seeing our great-grandfather in the flesh!" and the same Eddie Eddings who saved several surfers from death by fighting off sharks with his bare fists?
Just wonderin',
Chadwick Mifflin

Dear Chadwick,
Well, shucks, what can I say?


  1. Whoa, No kiddin'? Was that really you? Awesome, dude.

  2. Thanks Ralph, I am too humble to mention anything about these sort of incidents...and it's not safe with me being in a witness protection plan and all...

  3. witness protection plan? Is that offered by AARP?

  4. yes, although not many know about the AARPWPP.


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