Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lyrical Miracle Contest # 5

In this contest you need to come up with words to match the tune,
"The Itsy Bitsy Spider".
If you don't know the tune, I'm sure Frank Sinatra
or George Beverly Shea recorded it at sometime...
you might check YouTube or Google it. (just kidding)
The chosen one will be announced on Sunday, March 1st.
So put on your theological hats and start writing!
In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen by the casting of lots.


  1. Here are some "starters" that you can use or change to fit your fancy.

    The preacher spoke on sovereignty from Romans eight and nine.

  2. The pastor of a small church turned on his radio.

  3. The prophet rode his camel up to the pagan's door.

  4. The once Arminian pastor went up to preach the Word.

  5. The funeral of atheists will always make me cry.

  6. The sign says Cotton Adams stopped here to sleep the night.

  7. Eddie, is it legal to enter you own contest 6 times with only partially completed entries?

    (BTW, if this were March you'd be winning the comments contest.)

  8. The prophet's name was Balaam; he went out for a ride.
    His steed began to balk and Balaam whipped her hide.
    His donkey said "Yo, Dude! What did you beat me for?"
    Then his eyes were opened and he saw the angel of the Lord.

  9. Eddie, this is using one of your starters:

    The preacher spoke on sovereignty from Romans eight and nine.
    Some folks were shocked and some began to whine.
    "Don't preach that stuff. We'd really rather hear
    How God is just like Santa Claus, so please tickle our ears."


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