Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bloggers Need Comments!

I speak on behalf of Christian bloggers everywhere when I say, comments are just about all the encouragement we get! It's the cheese on the Sacred Sandwich...the banana in the Sacred Banana Split...the letters in the Sacred Alphabet Soup. We all need 'em. I know. . . the ultimate satisfaction comes from knowing we have blessed someone with a laugh or two. But, we don't know unless somebody tells us! I think all bloggers check their blogs daily (hourly) for a little note about their work. All I am saying...is give blogs a chance.
When I get older, losing my hair...many years from now...would you still be writing comments on my blog...
sorry, got caught up in some Beatle memories. Anyway, this wasn't my idea to write this...Angus paid me plenty to post it.


  1. If I have to write all the comments, then I want my money back!

  2. By the way, I think "Carol" is available for freelance commenting if you're looking to hire. Yesterday she left at least seven comments in a row on the Sandwich. I'd be happy to let you borrow a few of her remarks if you want.

  3. Hold on your getting paid to comment? Whats the rate? Do you get health insurance with that?

  4. Comments are nice... normally. So far on my blog I've only interacted with a arminian age of acountability holder who apparently thinks that I'm some sort of Satan worshiper since I give God the freedom of infant salvation... Just issued a challange in fact to actually provide some verses to back that up, which he can't of course. :)

    Normally blogs with 30+ people have lots of posts so I'm not sure that you have to pay Angus to post :D

  5. I would like a thickburger and a large order of fries.

    Wait. The female just told me that this isn't Hardees. . . . No wonder you've never gotten my order right. Imagine. I've thought this was a fast food restaurant for weeks.

  6. If it's comments your after, preach the TULIP plan in an SBC church. There will be no pay, but you'll get more than an ear full. (why didn't someone warn me way back then?)

  7. 38 is special! 45 would be a higher caliber. I hope to have 100 by the time I die...and just wait to see what I have planned for Calvinistic Cartoons in the year 2052!

  8. I like comments on my blog too :)
    so here are some comments for you:
    -i like your blog
    -it is the reason i have had to have my comp cleaned so often because of all the coffee and beverages spewed on it from laughing so hard, I now am wiser and read your blog with no food within 5 meters.

    Soli Deo Gloria
    REformed girl

  9. One good thing about comments made is that the more you leave, the more links are left to click and travel through cyber-space to your own site! Amazing!

  10. It has been good to know that there are others with a bizarre sense of humor, uh I mean, those of like precious faith.

    BTW, is this a Calvinist thing or is there Arminian humor, too? I tried to do a google search on Arminian humor and it came back asking if I meant Armenian humor.


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