Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rare Record


  1. This album, they say, is "a wunnerful, a wunnerful". I only found this photo of the cover. Does anyone out there know some of the tunes on this record? I sure would like to know! See if your grandmother has this in her collection!

  2. I might have seen this album at the thrift store. IIRC, here are a few of the songs:

    Let's call the whole thing off (an ode to the Tower of Babel)

    You were meant for Me (A song to the elect)

    I did it Thy way

    Doctrines of Grace, I believe you (to the tune of Lady of Spain)

  3. Actually, Let's call the whole thing off is a real swing song ;). Good one to dance to, too. Quite funny too.

  4. ha ha..."Lady of Spain" is to old accordionists what "Stairway to Heaven" is to young guitar players!

  5. I'm familiar with the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers version of Let's call the whole thing off but I think this album has a slight variation:

    You say μπανάνας and I say 香蕉
    You say картофеля and I say มันฝรั่ง
    μπανάνας, 香蕉
    картофеля, มันฝรั่ง
    Let's call the whole thing off

  6. This is a joke my Uncle Irving Berlitz used to tell while he cleaned his accordion:

    What's the difference between an Uzi and an accordion?

    The Uzi stops after 20 rounds. one laughed then, either.

  7. Songs include:

    Gimme 5 Points or gimme death

    Crack that Whip (give the Arminian the slip)

    Predestined to Win

    He knew me before you knew me

    A TULIP by any other name would be the broad road

    Gimme that ole time King James Version religion

    Sweet child 'o His

  8. A few modern spin-off hits include:

    "A Mighty Forest are Our Gods" (Solomon's Porch Sinfonietta)

    "Hell is a Mythical Place" (Mars Hill Fife and Drum Corps)

    "Be thou my Specter" (The Emergent Choir)


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