Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baklava Koos Koos #7

In the thirtieth year, in the fifth month, on the second day, during the seventh hour, while I was with King Donovan, by the Caloric River in the land of the Cellulites, I saw an angel pick up a chunk of land the size of Petra and throw it into the sun!

"Why do you do this O' mighty angel?" I asked.

"Just keep moving humanite and don't ask questions." He said as he lifted yet another parcel of earth, "I've got my orders."

King Donovan held up his arms and shouted,
"I will give the orders around here! You will give Baklava the answ..."

With blinding speed the King was propelled into the middle of the Caloric River!

The angel turned to me and said, "He will eat grass, like a spotted goat, for the next six weeks. When he regains his sanity, tell him his throne will be eaten by termites and his golden locks will wither like a dead blossom in Lebanon."

"YOU tell him! I've got vacation plans!"

Before my words had ended, I felt myself taken up, as an eagle carries a carp, and dropped into the very same river!

The King and I swam to the opposite bank and watched as a valley was created by that industrious angel. Then the angel made what he called, a "parking lot" for horses and camels.

Two months later, King Donovan and I visited that valley once again. It was a beautiful sight to behold...and they now had "valley parking!"

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