Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No new posting today...except for this. I wake up every morning, seven days a week, at 5 a.m. or close to it. I never set an alarm. I have this built in alarm clock that awakens me each morning. (true - not a joke) This morning I was working on an idea (you will see the completion tomorrow - Lord willing) and a storm rolled into the North Dallas area and at six...all my electricity went kaput! I spent the time in prayer (that's the Romans 8:28 of this story) and left home a little before 8 a.m. - still without power at my home. I am on my lunch break and wanted to let you all know the situation. I try to post something everyday...sometimes it just doesn't work out.

I was glad to spend some time in prayer and praise in my dark living room. "In everything gives thanks (...Rejoice ever more...Pray without ceasing...Quench not the Spirit) for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." (that's one of the songs I sing as I meditate on His provision and will for my life).

Now, about yesterdays comments:

When someone takes their name from my list of followers (I don't really like the term concerning my blog so I changed it to "People who like this site" -- although, "followers" still shows up.) I tend to wonder why and admittedly get a little flustered because I don't know if I offended someone or if they possibly misunderstood my intentions. (But, he pulled out of Facets of Grace, my other blog, also...hmmm) And btw, I don't really expect anyone to explain why they left. I probably wouldn't either, to be honest.
But let me just set the record straight. I don't "hate" anyone. Neither am I "liberal" in any of it's shape-shifting forms. If Calvinism had 55 points I would be a 55 point Calvinist! And because I believe in God's sovereignty and His revealing of Truth...I love all Christians. Not just Calvinists. I was an Arminian once myself! (fact is, I hit Calvinists in my Cartoon blog every once in a while too. We all need to be rebuked as well as encouraged ever so often) I have friends of every persuation. I have friends who are atheists, friends who are homosexual (their in my extended family), friends who are Roman Catholic, friends of every ethnic and social background. The church in which I am an elder, is a multi-cultural, slice of Dallas. We are not a "white church" or a "black church or hispanic church". When someone becomes a Christian they have a whole new family and it ain't segregated! Heaven won't be sectioned off by color. And God isn't "color blind". He created the human race with a palate full of colors, hues and tones. The teaching pastor/elder is a 4-point Calvinist (even though, he would never use the word "Calvinist".) So I dialog with many types and always point people to the Cross. (I do need more boldness - so pray for me in that.) The Doctrines of Grace are my life-blood. When God revealed these amazingly awesome truths to me, I never saw a verse of Scripture the same.
Times up. Lunch break is over.
In His service,


  1. I know a few people with a built in wake up system, including my father. You are clearly part of the super heroes of this world. I, alas, am not. I set the alarm, hear the alarm, push the snooze button, hear the alarm and then get reminded by my wife to turn that thing off and get out of bed.

  2. I am personally thinking of not following you anymore. At least for a few minutes. Then I can rejoin and make your day. God Bless EE!!

  3. For what it's worth, I stop following your blog every night. And then, the next morning, I repent and follow again.

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys! You are both some of the "old" faithful! I just hope you never repent of your repenting and slip out the back door!
    Your comments are ALWAYS greatly appreciated! FOR SOME REASON MY CAPS LOCK IS STUCK SO EVERYTHING LOOKS Like ...oh, okay, that's better.

  5. Names, Eddie, we want names! We need to know who these back-sliders are so we, you we can, in the spirit of Matthew 18:15, approach them in love and tell them their fault.

  6. Thanks for that reminder Lee...we must first take the camel out of our own eye before we can remove the needle from our brethren or sistern's eye.

  7. It sounds as though while your house was without electricity, there was plenty of POWER.

    The church in America gets along fine as long as she has electricity to keep the music humming and the A/C running. Lose that and we start to grumble.

    The church in the rest of the world does without electricity as often as not, purely because they have so much power.


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