Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coffee House #5

This episode of Coffee House Confidential is brought to you by
Chic & Gumbo Coffee Creamer,
the coffee creamer that tastes just like coffee!

This week takes me to "The Same Ol' Grind", a coffee shop located in Beanbag, Colorado. I had my mini-recorder microphone hidden at a table where two Christians were conversing.

Ray: Our church attendance has increased exponentially since our pastor started preaching from the local TV guide!

Ben: This is a joke...right?

Ray: No! I'm dead serious! Last Sunday he preached a sermon based on "Lost". I think he called it "The Gospel According To John Locke". You should have heard his series on "The Fringe"! It was powerful!

Ben: What about the Bible? Don't you think that would be a better source for truth?

Ray: Hold on Ben...don't get all "fundy" on me. He uses the Bible! It's just that since pastor Nick is basically an evangelist at heart, he will use any and everything to win the lost. Just like Paul. He brings out the redemptive truth that is hidden in every TV show listed.

Ben: Sounds like he feeds the goats more than the sheep!

Ray: So...what's wrong with that?

Ben: Jesus said "feed my sheep"! He didn't say "feed the goats"!

Ray: Pastor Nick said if Paul lived in this century he would use the most popular medium to communicate the Good News! ...namely, capital T capital V.

Ben: It obvious he doesn't know Paul! Paul Shaffer maybe...but not the Apostle Paul.

Ray: You're much too critical, Ben. Pastor Nick is the most creative pastor I have ever listened to. His sermon on "The Twilight Zone" changed my life!

Ben: Let me ask you a question. When you leave church, do you think, "What a creative sermon that was!" or do you think, "What a great God and Savior we serve!"

Ray: Well, I can see through your trick questions! I'll be honest...I usually can't wait to see what he will do next! I mean, there is excitement in our congregation! Our bulletins even have a TV Guide Crossword Puzzle...we call them "Word Cross Puzzles"...get it? And he is working on a new TV Guide Study Bible that will premiere the day of the final episode of "Prison Break". His new book, "Stay Tuned", will be out around Christmas. If I give you a copy, will you read it?

Ben: Sure...if you'll read a book I have for you.

Ray: It's a deal! What is the book?

Ben: "Tell the Truth" by Will Metzger.

Ray: Was he on "Boston Legal"?

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