Friday, May 1, 2009

Emergent at 20,000 Feet

Ellery T. Boss is a blogger on an airplane for the first time since his nervous breakdown six months ago.
He spots an emergent leader on the wing of the plane.
Every time someone else looks out the window,
the emergent leaps out of view,
so nobody believes Ellery's seemingly outlandish claim.
Ellery realizes that his wife is starting to think he needs
to go back to the sanitarium,
but also, if nothing is done about the emergent, he will damage the plane and cause it to crash. Ellery steals a sleeping pastor's Bible, and opens the window marked "Auxiliary Exit" to prove the emergent wrong on his view of Scripture, succeeding despite
the fact that he is nearly sucked out of the plane himself.
Once the plane has landed, although he is
whisked away in a straightjacket,
there is evidence of his claims: the unusual damage to the plane's engine nacelle — yet to be discovered by mechanics — that
presumably can only be explained as caused by something that
clawed at the structure's mainframe.


  1. Yikes! That's even more frightening than a gremlin.

  2. The Emergent at 20,000 feet is actually more easily dealt with than the bag of stale peanuts. I really miss the honey-roasted kind.

  3. This must have happened last year.

  4. Please, please replace Shatner's mug with something more pleasing. I just wouldn't marry that guy.

    Hugh Jackman? That might work.

    You know I think Ellery has kept this nervous breakdown a secret from me. It explains a few things.


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