Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lyrical Miracles Special Edition

This is a special edition of Lyrical Miracles.
Rule #1: Choose a well known, secular tune. (this could be a nursery rhyme, musical number, easy listening, classic rock, etc. - just make sure it is a song everyone is familiar with)
Rule #2: Write the lyrics based on Calvinistic Cartoons (try to include several aspects of this blog - like songs, cartoons, specific characters, contests, etc.)
Rule #3: Think of this as a TV or radio advertisement. I intend on using the winner's lyrics as part of a promotional ad for Calvinistic Cartoons. I will print hundreds up and drop them off at Dallas Theological Seminary and Criswell College here in Dallas, Texas.


  1. To the tune “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music:

    Tuxedo ice penguins with open theists
    John Calvin sippy cup, oh, how it pleases
    Emergent leaders on jet airplane wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Little known quotes from those spirtual giants
    Romans 9 hand grenade that's rather violent
    Lyrical miracles, how strange to sing
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Baklava Koos Koos with all his strange dreams
    Old Cotton Adams and Bagpipes McGee
    Finney plays Battleship wearing his bling
    These are few of my favorite things

    Health, wealth preachers
    New age teachers
    When they give me gloom
    I simply remember my favorite things
    from Calvinist Cartoons!

    (This song was a team effort by me and Pilgrim Mommy, my mother.)

  2. This is to the tune "Surfin' USA"

    (Disclaimer: I'm not a Beach Boys fan. The tune just seemed to fit.)

    There's a very funny web site
    It'll give you a laugh
    If you like Calvinistic humor
    You'll be sure to come back
    Spurgeon will serve you up some ice cream
    See B.B. Warfield's gun
    Poke fun at some emergents
    At Calvinist cartoons

    Read quotes from wives of theologians
    Get Calvin's lunch box, too
    See some Catholics a'roamin'
    That JMac rapper dude
    Have some Baklava and Koos Koos
    And I'm not talking food
    He's a real cool prophet
    At Calvinist cartoons

    We'll play that game Emergent Scrabble
    Or Calvinopoly
    Have a bowl of milk and Minced Oaths
    And read some T&G
    Swig some Soda Scriptura
    With your lunch at noon
    Get your daily dose of humor
    At Calvinist cartoons

    Come on and enter a contest
    A caption, song, or two
    Although there's lots of fun and humor
    It's thought provoking, too
    Hey, there's other folks who like this
    And I'm not immune
    Everybody is readin'
    Calvinist cartoons

  3. These are more than I had hoped for! Both of you should be professional songwriters! ...or start a blog devoted to new songs!
    Thanksabillion. I will create a Photoshopped posting for both of these! Soon! Before May 10th!


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