Monday, May 18, 2009

There's a Name

Everything will be back to "normal" when I return home. As for now, please accept these songs I wrote as you would a subtitute teacher or a visiting preacher at the pulpit. Thanks...and we still could use your prayers!


There's a Name, above all names
The same Name, that sets my soul aflame
He's the One, God's only Son
Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess His name

The Christ of Revelation is the Rock of my salvation
and with no exaggeration I'll say
Because I was elected, I'll never be rejected
He made my will to want to one day
In His predestination is all Heaven's population
By His holy invitation to go
Whom He calls He justifies
Turns around and glorifies
He has paid for every sin-debt we owe

There's a Man, above all men
The God-Man, Who made it all begin
He's the One, God's only Son
Every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess His name


  1. Another great song!

    Very interesting piano. It looks like a large electric razor.

  2. Awesome piano. I had to open this post to see a larger view. At first I thought it was some kind of new Star Trek space vehicle.

  3. I searched for this piano on the internet. It's a Schimmel Pegasus. Only 14 were made. However, a link had one for sale by owner who was only asking $110K.

  4. Reminds me of a Christmas Song i wrote that is nothing like that.

    It comes late in the year when the weather gets cold,
    Just before january in the days of old.
    Jesus was born tween thanksgiving and the new year.
    And they made it a holiday, and its all just for you dear.
    Hey hey hey the angels came
    hey hey hey the angels sang
    hey hey hey the shepherds smiled.
    hey hey hey they left in single file for Bethlehem.

    Cool huh?


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