Friday, March 20, 2009

Eddie Eddings Receives Plaque from Mohler

As a student in dentistry, I am usually down in the mouth...but, recently, I needed some plaque samples from individuals who live across the Atlantic. Mr. Jeppy T. Mohler, of Hootenshire, England, was kind enough to FedEx some of the deposits from his teeth where bacteria had proliferated...after running certain tests...I can say Mohler's molars are in top condition! Congratulations Jeppy T. and keep on flossing!


  1. I decided to drop out of dentistry school because being a dentist, I would get on a lot of people's nerves...

  2. Just a note to everyone. I will be on vacation from Saturday, March 21 through Tuesday, March 31. My wife and I will be near Durango, Colorado, helping my daughter. I don't know how often I will be able to post new Photoshopped features, for sure, but, I will try whenever possible to submit something. (There is still a lot of oldies but goodies in the archieves) In the mean time, please keep us all in your prayers! I just acquired the new ESV Study Bible and am taking it with me along with "Why We're Not Emergent." So I hope to get in some good study time along with ministering to my family! God Bless all of you! Sneeze or no sneeze!

  3. Hilarious play on names, Ed.

    And I thought you went up on stage in one of them big conferences. LOL.

  4. Lol, getting on peoples nerves...


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