Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pilgrim's Progress 3

Few know of this intended trilogy.
The unfinished manuscript was recently discovered and
completed by Ignatius, a youth leader now in hiding.


  1. What about number 4?

    Pilgrim's Progess 4:
    Flipping Flapjacks for Fellow Inmates

  2. Ignatius, a youth leader now in hiding.
    Yeah he better be hiding.

    But let me ask you this Ed is Paul John's big brother?

  3. Pilgrim's Progress 3: How Ignatious convinced everybody in the city of destruction it would be awesome to be a flamer and on fire in the day of destruction.

  4. In this version, does Christian meet Mr. Hip, Mr. Cool, and Mr. Relevant?

  5. You know, until I quietly found out otherwise at the beginning of my Christian walk, I never knew that Paul Bunyan was NOT related at all to John Bunyan, and that John Bunyan was NOT an American.

    And this time, I'm not being sarcastic. Dead serious. Sometimes the truth is funnier than the joke :D.


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