Thursday, March 26, 2009

Win Horsehead Nebula!

This is the Horsehead Nebula
in the Orion Constellation
...and it can be yours today!

Yes, now you can be the first in your neighborhood to own your own nebula!

All you have to do is answer this question:
Does Deuteronomy have one "r" or two?


  1. Deuteronomy only has one "r". I tried to count how many "r's" are in the whole book, but I lost count when I ran out of fingers and toes. The kids wouldn't help me out at all.

  2. I win and I did it before the 4:00 outage at Blogger.

  3. I am just wondering where I should put it. You know my last name means "WhiteHorse" in the old dutch so it is the perfect prize for me.

  4. I didn't read no stinkin' thing in the rules about a 4:00 outage so I think the contest is still on.

    How many nebulas, (or is it nebulis, or nebulizers, or nebulouses) do you have? It says I can be the first in my neighborhood to own one. So does that mean if Ellery has one in his neighborhood, I can still win one in my neighborhood?

    Can you give us any clues?

    (Ellery is still cheating)

  5. Sometimes I really wish I believed in evolution because it's the only theory that explains this type of humor (comments included). (wink)

  6. Daisy,

    It's a gift. You wouldn't understand (women don't understand). No offense. It's a guy thing.

  7. I don't see no nebula. All I see is that someone needs to clean the lens on their telescope.


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