Friday, March 13, 2009

Join Now!

EVERY ONE WHO JOINS THIS BLOG in the months of March through May will receive their permanently posted personal avatar carefully placed in the "right" section of this blog, under "People Who Like This Site" in the "Followers" block! FREE OF CHARGE! THAT'S RIGHT! ABSOLUTELY FREE!


  1. Oh those slick marketing skills of yours Eddie! You really need to apply to a mega church where you will do the most good.

  2. My avatar has disappeared off the page because of you popularity.

    How about if I stop following and then start again so I can relocate to the top of the list?

  3. It's still there! You just have to navigate through the other avatars. I forgot to mention that those who are already members will be able to eat FREE at Chic-fil-A each and every Sunday for the rest of their lives! Great deal, I must say!


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