Wednesday, March 18, 2009

$5 per Comment

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right! I will give FIVE DOLLARS FOR EACH COMMENT made on this blog. Find a recent posting or comment on an older one, I really don't care! I need comments and I am willing to pay for them if I have to . . . wait a second, forget what I just said. I need the cash myself! I don't know what I was thinking . . . forgive me, everybody. Y'know what? "Just commenting is a reward unto itself!" (That is from Second Opinions 4:12)


  1. The offer of $5 nearly convinced me to comment, but when you had a change of mind...oh I've commented!

    And you're right, "Just commenting is a reward unto itself!"

    Now return the love and experience the reward for yourself? ;-)

  2. Rather than 5 bucks, would you consider paying us in vegetable seeds. I'm thinking money will soon be worthless OR our government will take it all in taxes. I predict that Burpee seed packs will become more valuable than money.

  3. Is it me, or does Abe have a knowing smirk on his face that wasn't there before?

  4. Angus, you have a sharp eye. (be careful not to run with it) (you could put your OTHER eye out) I posted the $5 bill while I was on break at the job. When I got home I saturated it with a little more green and Photoshopped the smirk on Lincoln's face. I would award you with the "CCSHOC" (Calvinistic Cartoons' Sherlock Holmes Certificate) but they don't exist.


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