Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Known Quotes from the Wives of Spiritual Giants #1

"I don't like the way Selma Haversham is always asking you for advice!"- Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon

"Please put down your quill and come to bed!"- Mrs. John Owen

"I think I'm the luckiest woman on earth...wait a minute...sorry...the most providentially blessed!"- Mrs. John Calvin

"Honey, will you help me with my necklace?."- Mrs. Albert Mohler

"I need you to pick up some bread and a chuck roast on your way home." - Mrs. A. A. Hodge

"Look what the dog brought in!"- Mrs. B. B. Warfield

"Are you planning on writing a childrens book this year or not?" - Mrs. C. S. Lewis

"Please, please, please take me to Paris, France this spring!" - Mrs. Thomas Boston

"Why not dress up like Columbo again? It was the hit of the party last year."- Mrs. R. C. Sproul

"I think I am coming down with a cold!"- Mrs. A. W. Pink

"You better not write on my table again when you have your Table-talk!"- Mrs. Martin Luther

"That last sermon was a little scary!"- Mrs. Jonathan Edwards

"Yeah, a LOT has happened since you were gone!" - Mrs. George Whitefield

"No, I haven't read your latest book yet. I haven't finished the last one!"- Mrs. John MacArthur


  1. Ah, one for the ladies. THIS was hilarious.

  2. What about Whitfield. "No! You are not bringing that horse in here. I don't care how cold and wet he is."


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