Friday, March 27, 2009

Coffee House #3

The concept is a simple one. I take my recorder into a coffee house somewhere on the planet and secretly tape conversations. Then I decide which is the most interesting and edit it to fit by blog. These are candid moments from the mouths of unsuspecting strangers all over the globe. This is my third attempt and I traveled to Lottida, Kansas. The coffee house is called "The Coffee Spot". I will again be very careful to refer to each person generically to maintain their anonymity.

M1: Doyle! Doyle Rankins! Thanks for coming, brother. I've already ordered us both a cup of coffee.

M2: Thanks Pete! Haven't seen you in a year or so.

M1: Yeah...been kind of busy. That's one reason for our little get together. I'm starting a "celebrity only" ministry, and I'm hoping you will help support my "mission to the stars!" Just think how fantastic it would be if Angela Jolie accepted Christ! Why, thousands would consider following in her footsteps!...or Hugh Jackman...or Adam Sandler! His testimony would make headlines all over the media! He could reach millions with his own brand of witty witness!

M2: Do you really think God wants you to step over everyone else just to reach celebrities with the Gospel?

M1: Sure! Why not? Start at the top!

M2: That would make you sort of a "paparazzi preacher" wouldn't it?

M1: Yeah, never thought of it that way...but, I'd be tracking stars for Jesus! I like that! Thanks..."Pete Palombi, Paparazzi Preacher"...that has a nice ring to it!

M2: I don't think that is a Biblical way to approach evangelism...

M1: Well, I've already got six churches backing me on the idea! I've got my ticket to Hollywood, a new set of luggage and a backpack full of Chick tracts. My map of the stars homes is also my prayer list.

M2: Well, I can't give money to support something as idiotic as this!

M1: I'm giving to anyone who donates ten dollars or more, a picture of Gary Busey reading his Bible while hanging from the "W" on the Hollywood sign!

M2: Well...okay...I guess I can afford ten bucks. How much to get him to autograph it?


  1. Imagine what an autographed picture of Eddie Eddings, the Calvinist Cartoonist, could fetch! And if that didn't work, you could always pass it off as Sean Connery and make some big bucks.

  2. Not to correct you Eddie, but you must have meant Labette County, not Lotidda. Lotidda closed two years ago do to poor irrigation and crop rotational techniques, not to mention just plain poor coffee.

  3. Hey, I used to live in Labette County! Parsons to be exact. Don't remember a coffee shop, though.

  4. It had to be the chick tracts! Nothing says flame-thrower evangelism like Chick =p.


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