Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love Barters


  1. That's right, Emily. Get married and it's all community property!

  2. Emily is a fool and she should get some unemotional advise from some more mature women before she gets too serious with Hugo.

    First, there may be a good reason that the dog's name is Arminius. He is probably untrained and accustomed to excercising his free will and doing whatever he wants wherever he wants to do it. Emily should check out the deacon's house first for any stains on the carpets and foul odors.

    Second, a lute? What kind of a respectable guy plays a lute?

    Furthermore, what kind of guy wears makeup, has a pony tail, owns a fancy beroom stool, and dresses in lace and tights?

  3. Well, maybe the dog's name is arminius because such a name is only suitable for a dog and not a man ;). Maybe it's an ironic slap in the face to arminianism, in which case Hugo is an astute and sharp-minded young deacon.

    I still think the trade is a raw deal. Now if he was offering her his 7 volume set of John Owen's commentary on Hebrews, then that'd be better as that's overpayment and he'd be in a better position to reason with her father over why he should court her (hey, if her copies of Matthew Henry's commentaries are worth Owen's on Hebrews, that's gotta say something about how he views the girl, right) =p. heh heh heh


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