Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just for Laughs #342

Provide a caption


  1. A man can never have too many books.

    But if helps if they're kept tidy.

  2. Try as they might, Hershey and Nottard tried diligently to become great theologians. They amassed a great library between them, studied day and night, and devoted their lives to prayer and fasting. However, they simply lacked the facial hair for it.

  3. Pastor, what about cataloging them?
    (is the image by Wrightson?)

  4. Pastor, my wife says I have too many books at home. I know you will understand my perspective. Can you help me to save marriage? What should I do, Pastor?

  5. When cousins Fred and Jack Calvin had to sell some of their vast book collection to tidy up both their house and their books, Love Wins was the first to go...Only, they couldn't sell it for more than a penny (at their expense).


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