Friday, January 16, 2015

First Book Winners of the Year!

Yes, friends, it is so easy to win. Nothing to buy. Nothing to promote. You don't have to join my blog. You don't have to comment! You don't have to do anything! You don't even have to register to win! Just sit there and wait! 

This month's winners are:

Malibu Grundy of Weybridge, Surrey.
He wins the one thousand dollar Kindle Christian Book gift card!

The complete works of Charles Spurgeon and John Owen goes to
Sha Sha Molinski of Pasig, Pampanga!


  1. Thanks! I've spent half of it already!

  2. The books arrived this morning! They fill up an entire wall! Thank you, Mr. Eddings and Corky!

  3. I'm hoping for a second chance. Even if I win on my deathbed.

  4. Any chance I could just win money? $500 would hit the spot. I'll spend a lot on books, I assure you.


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