Monday, January 26, 2015

The Future Perfect


  1. Was it stolen with smarts, or did you purposefully let it fall into their hands?

  2. Guess I "accidentally" left my door unlocked.

  3. Got another "think" coming, or the phrase doesn't make sense.

    Otherwise, I love the toon...

  4. It makes sense. The speaker isn't talking about changing the other person's mind.

    A thinks something, and expects certain things to happen as a result.

    B thinks A is wrong. The things that A expect to happen will not (because A is wrong). Instead the things B expects to happen will happen (because B is right).

    Saying "think" implies the person will change their mind. Saying "thing" implies that you don't actually CARE if the person changes their mind. Their wishes are irrelevant because they are so wrong/bad/mistaken events will happen regardless of what they think. It's that kind of ominous dismissal with a threat of being crushes if you don't get out of the way that I like better.


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