Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seven Personal Things Challenge

After much prompting from two imaginary friends and my inner child, I have decided to take up the seven things challenge. I am supposed to list seven facts about my life that are usually not proclaimed upon the rooftops. All of this is here goes:

1. I have a scar on my left foot shaped like the United States of America. When I was 10 years old I was playing baseball, barefoot, with neighborhood kids on the north side of Houston. I jumped a ditch to retrieve the ball and landed on a broken Coke bottle. I didn't even know what had happened until I looked back and saw all the blood on the street. My Aunt Ruby rushed me to the hospital where I was tortured by a kind doctor. My scar was the subject of laughter in the military when I pointed out Florida, New York State and the California coast line.

2. Richard Pryor once performed a skit I suggested. Before I was married, I hitch-hiked to Hollywood and attended the Pat Boone show ( was free!), whose co-host that week was Richard Pryor. Prior to the show, the staff handed out index cards to the audience. We were to write an idea for Richard to improvise. I wrote my idea and also drew a cartoon on the side. Pat Boone picked out about five skits, mine being the last and Mr. Pryor did a full ten minutes using my suggestion. The idea was simply he being a stranded photographer in Africa.

3. I have Trypanophobia. That is the extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles. I can't even watch an injection on TV or a movie.

4. I was not always a Calvinist, but I was always predestined to be one.

5. One of my ancestors was hanged for impersonating Ulysses S. Grant. I don't know the entire story but I suspect he took advantage of several townsfolk.

6. I am related to the actor, Clint Walker.

7. I used to shoplift when I was a teen, until I was scared straight after getting caught walking out of a store with a "Mad-Libs" book. They found several items I stole from Fed-Mart (mostly 8mm films) and threatened me with life in prison. They let me go without even informing my parents. I rode my bicycle  home praying all the way that my mother would never find out. I later confessed. Much later.


  1. 1. My ancestor, George Went Hensley was the founder of the Snake Handlers religious sect.
    2. Hensley Settlement in the Cumberland Gap National Park was founded by my gr-gr-grandfather Burton Hensley.
    3. I got my first paddling in 3rd grade for calling a teacher a bad name. I was so scared my dad would find out.
    4. Before I was converted I once went to church with a hangover. I remember sitting in church thinking, "It's a wonder God doesn't kill me."
    5. When I was about 12, I sent off for the "Atlas body in 7 days" material. I was disappointed.
    6. I once commuted to college one semester with Eddie Eddings.
    7. Patsy Cline's real name is Virginia Hensley. I don't know if we're related, it's just kind of cool.

  2. Hey Eddie, #4 is very clever. I am going to quote you on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

  3. Number 4 is true of all Calvinists, I believe.

  4. Seven Personal Things That Really Happened

    1. When we were about 10-11 years old, my brother and I would take our bow and arrows to a field and shoot the arrows straight up. Then we would crouch down and see how close the arrows landed to us.

    2. I grew up near Disneyland and my brother and I went there often (It was cheaper then). We would stay until closing time. We got to know the place pretty well, and discovered a weak point in the park's security. Later in the night, we found that if we stayed around the Tomorrowland railroad station until nobody else was around, we could dash unseen across the tracks and hide in the trees and tall grass on the outer perimeter's embankment. Never got caught.

    3. We also found the way to the roof of the Disneyland Hotel. Got caught.

    4. Once when my wife and were vacationing in Hawaii, I accidently went swimming with my wallet in my pocket. When I returned to where my wife was, I discovered my mistake and laid out my cards, papers and money to dry on our beach mat. When everything had dried, including my swim shorts, I put my wallet and contents back in my pocket. About 10 minutes later, I, without thinking, went back into the water AGAIN.

    5. In 1968, I was driving my '59 Chevy, and made a right turn onto a street where there were a lot of people standing on the sidewalk and curb. In a few seconds, a mototcycle policeman pulled me over. He parked his motorcycle right next to my driver's door, but said nothing to me. After some limousines and police cars had passed, the officer motioned for me to move on. My right turn had placed me into vice presidential candidate Edmund Muskie's motorcade.

    6. I have seen 2 space shuttle landings at Edwards AFB, and missed seeing one launch. I was at a Ligonier conference in Orlando and went outside to look for a place to have lunch. Then, I decided to go back in and just get something from one of the concession stands in the convention center. When the meetings resumed, Paul Sailhammer said to the attendees, "I hope everybody got to see the Atlantis taking off during the lunch break. It was a fantastic sight."

    7. When I was 9 years old, I got to ride in the Goodyear Blimp.

    BONUS Personal Thing That Really Happened:

    8. When I first became interested in Calvinism and Reformed Theology, I kept Kim Riddlebarger on the phone for about 45 minutes asking him questions. (He was very gracious, and generous with his time.)

  5. "After much prompting from two imaginary friends and my inner child," Hahahaha!

    Great post, very interesting.

  6. Well Eddie, you yourself bear a striking resemblance to U.S. Grant, what with that beard and all. However, I've never seen you OR U.S. Grant in person.

  7. Whoa! I have a birthmark on my left ankle that is in the shape of the United States of America! What a coinci--predestined feature!


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