Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Letter from Buster Limburger

Dear Calvinistic Cartoons,
I want to file a complaint...not about your blog, but against Benny Finney and his Arminian Antics! I had auditioned for the role of AA icon a few weeks ago. I memorized, not only John 3:16, but 1 John 3:16 as well. I made my own costume - I call it "Straw Man" and sang the National Anthem while juggling chain saws and torches. I lost out to Babs Gouda by one vote.
I demanded a recount, but because there were only 3 votes to begin with, Mr. Finney said, "No". 

Mr. Eddings, I have worked hard at being the best icon I could be. I previously worked at Taco Bell as a giant chihuahua icon who stood on the corner and pointed to the restaurant when a car passed by. I think I deserve this privilege more than Miss Fancy Pants. 

If you know of any other blogs...and I really don't care if they are Arminian or Calvinistic...would you please let me know? There might be a nice five dollar bill sent your way if I hear something in the next 48 hours....(remember, I said "might").

Your could-be-icon,
Buster Limburger


  1. When it comes to a competition between a clown scarecrow and Corky, there is no contest. Sorry, buddy, Corky rocks.

  2. Oh, go ahead and give Buster a job, Mister Eddings. A Calvinistic organization is much more suitable for a man who is so disgustingly mercenary. Arminians have more self respect.


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