Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Word Writing Challenge #29

Write as many paragraphs as you like using the words above.
Entries may be poetry, prose, fiction, essays or interviews.
(or any other form of creatively written expression.)
Just be funny, clever and theological...
and please give your piece a TITLE.


  1. A little warning:

    Those painting error in disguise
    Put lipstick on a bulldog
    Like flies drawn into spiders' webs
    Deceived are lulled by brain fog.

    If you'd be wont to wink at error,
    Take heed now to this warning
    The clock of time is winding down,
    Wake up! For judgment's coming.

  2. Spider On The Set

    In preparing for my new music video, I noticed a strange spider crawling on the canvas I was painting.

    The strange thing about this spider is that if you watched for a moment, he would wink at you. His backmost legs moved in curious rotations, like a clock. For a moment I thought about replacing one of my female backup dancers with this spider that seemed to have some mad gyration skills, but I quickly changed my mind he skittered away, unhappy with the thick odor of paint.

    The End

  3. The Prank: inspired by this: http://cosmicjoker.squarespace.com/journal/tag/mayan-calander-joke

    This itsy bitsy spider went up the cuckoo clock
    Bong went the chime and down the spider dropped
    It was twenty-twelve at midnight on the brink
    And the Mayans laughed at him as they saw him with a wink

    A painting on their stone said "see the next stone."
    They'd run out of room and could not use it alone.
    But the paint wore off and their next stone it did break
    So the Mayans laughed with mirth at their accidental prank.


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