Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fan Photo from Constantine Lewis

Constantine Lewis, owner of the Lewis Shoe Horn Emporium in Choctaw, Oklahoma, sent the above photo to us this morning. He said it was proof that Dave Hunt was in da Nile. Although, I agree with Mr. Lewis' assessment, I can't send a $7,000 check because it looks like the photograph has been Photoshopped to me.

I contacted Mr. Hunt by phone who told me he WAS in da Nile but, he always has his little dog Toto by his side. So unless his little dog has drowned, I will have to declare this photo a fake.

People...this kind of thing happens sometimes.


  1. Please photoshop me into that photo (actually, put me in the real Nile River) because I am tired of reality and would like to spend some time in denial. :)


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