Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet Tweed Adams - Descendant of Cotton Adams

Mr. Tweed Adams

Received this email today from a new fan of Calvinistic Cartoons...

Mr. Eddings,
I am a direct descendant of the famous Cotton Adams. There are a lot of parallels in our lives I wanted to share with your readers. I will also be requesting any royalties that might belong to me. 

1. Cotton Adams was a circuit rider....I used to work at Circuit City.

2. Cotton Adams had a horse....I have a hoarse throat.

3. Cotton Adams was short of stature....I am short on cash.

4. Cotton  Adams met John Chapman, other wise known as Johnny Appleseed....I bought some chapstick flavored like Apples.

5. Cotton Adams preached to a crowd of 1,000 one night in Memphis from a stagecoach....I was in a crowd of 1,000 one night in Memphis when a preacher fell off the stage.

6. Cotton Adams started churches in several states....I started to go to church in several states.

7. Cotton Adams memorized the New Testament....I once memorized the titles of the books of the New Testament.

8. Cotton Adams fasted every Friday....I eat fast food that's fried.

9. Cotton Adams read books by two candles, for extra light....I read books on my Kindle 2, which is extra light.

10. Cotton Adams died on "Calico" - his horse, while traveling to Sandy Ridge in the Spring. Thomas Sawyer recorded the story. (see Calvinistic Cartoons Tuesday, April 26, 2011 post)....I dyed my calico overcoat a sandy color on the first day of Spring. I was downloading the story of Tom Sawyer on my computer that day.

Your newest fan,
Tweed Adams


  1. I served on board an Adams class destroyer when I was in the navy; and, I wear 100% cotton t-shirts. That makes me and Cotton Adams practically twins.

  2. Please, oh please don't introduce us to his cousin Plaid Adams.

  3. I'm descended from Adam and I wear cotton...Does that count?

  4. Joel! That DOES count, in my book. I believe that makes you a close relative of Cotton Adams, and I wouldn't be surprised if you are mentioned in his will. : )


  5. But...what wasn't his will written and taken care of over a hundred years ago?

  6. Yes Joel, but it was a "Whosoever" will. : )

  7. Like Cotton, I too have twins named Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Adams.


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