Sunday, September 4, 2011

Words to Reckon With


  1. I feel for those folks who will go to hell who should not exist, existing only because of their parents sexual sin.

    Will they be able to say "Dad, Mum, I'm here suffering for eternity because you two lacked the self control and love for each other to wait till you were married. Thanks a million".

  2. I couldn't think of anything to write as a comment. The sobering words and picture of the post speak for themselves.

    A few minutes ago, I happened to pick up a volume containing some of J.C. Ryle's sermons, and read this. (The sermon text is Rev. 7:14-17):

    "The day shall come when the sun shall become black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon shall become as blood, and the stars of heaven shall fall unto the earth, and they who are strangers to the character described in our text shall find it had been better for them if they had never been born.

    Blessed are they who are not ashamed to confess that they seek a more abiding city than this world, even a heavenly one, and count all things loss if they can only win Christ and be found in Him."

    (From the sermon titled The Blood of the Lamb included in the book, The True Christian.)

  3. That's good, but I know plenty of people born from sexual sin who are going to heaven and those born to married parents who aren't.

    But I definitely mourn those who will never know the Lord.


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