Sunday, March 27, 2011

From an Arminian Viewpoint

Arminian Today: Problems I Have With Modern Arminians: "If I have learned anything from the Rob Bell wave that has hit the blogs over the past few weeks its that I am not in full agreement with al..."


  1. We tend to reject some things just because of one point we think is heinous, when the majority is true. I've seen this in almost all cessationist circles (since I have a hobby of studying the cessationist/continuationist controversy). Most cessationists avoid even a mention of the Holy Spirit’s moving on earth for fear of being Charismatic, when we should all be more focused on it; since, after all, the Holy Spirit is the One who executes God’s will on earth.
    This is a great post, I hope it gets a lot of traffic.

  2. That was a great article! Thanks for posting the link, it was well worth the read.

    @CG - I've seen what you're talking about. As my best friend often says: "Human beings are incredibly good over-compensators." Yes, we are.

  3. I considered pretending that I actually knew something about Rob Bell and fake my way through a comment, but no doubt my ignorance would emerge for all to see.

    Stranger is SO out-of-the-loop on some topics.

  4. You know, even historic Arminians like John Wesley wouldn't defend Rob Bell I think. They had better theology than THAT! For instance, eternal damnation.

    Enlightening article, thanks for posting.

  5. To be honest, Mr. Boyd, I had no idea what the whole Rob Bell issue is about until I read the first few pages of his book on Amazon. That explained it all. When I read it, I suddenly became a fan of the idea of throwing him out the window.....
    real Christian charity here. ;)


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